Dan Perkins Subaru Reviews

Dan Perkins Subaru wants to stay connect to our customers!

We monitor and scan the internet to see what our customers are saying about the dealership and act accordingly. We value our customer’s opinions and always want to make our dealership better, so that all our customers leave happy!

When we find a negative review, we check our records and review the situation. We make sure to reply back to our customer and do whatever we can to solve the current issue. Our goal is to learn from negative experiences in order to make sure they never happen again. We love to see positive reviews as well and encourage our customers to write a review when they are happy with their purchase.

If you would ever like to speak to Dan Perkins Subaru Staff find us on twitter @perksinssubaru!

Our main site is: http://www.danperkinssubaru.com/index.htm

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